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Wellness Workshops-Therapeutic Yoga-Reiki-Health Counseling

Welcome to Balanced Living


I believe our paths have crossed for a reason. I am passionate about exploring the world and contributing to the well being of others on a personal level. 

This is a photo of me at peace in a hammock in Bocas del Toro, Panama. It was taken in 2011 during a year long journey through Central America in which I allowed myself the time to more fully implement the Law of Attraction to create the life of my dreams. It represents a milestone in my journey as I embraced that grounded sense of well being that is the essence of balanced living. 

I am committed to allowing the experiences of my life serve as an example to others that you can be, do or have anything you want in life. I have studied the Law of Attraction and the essentials of manifesting your desires with the best of the best-from Tony Robbins to Abraham Hicks. I am LIVING by these philosophies and it is my pleasure to inspire others to find their way to their best life. 

I have a Master of Education, 200 Hour Yoga Certification (currently working toward my 500 hour), Reiki Master Certification and Holistic Health Counseling Certification.  What is most important however, is that I am really good at making my dreams come true and it is my pleasure to teach you to do the same. 

Much love,


What people are saying about Carrie

Carrie is a healer! Simple as that. I was unsure about getting Reiki work because I thought for my money I want a massage but Carrie had an energy about her that intrigued me to give it a try. WOW! Blew me away. I could not believe that amount of release I experienced and answers to questions I did not know I had were flooding in. It was unreal and healing on many levels. It was like an electric storm in my body as things shifted and released. If you are lucky to have Carrie in your area you owe it to yourself to have a session. Vanessa P. San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

I took Carrie’s Reiki & Restorative class and had a very positive experience. It was my first but not my last. While in open and relaxing poses, Carrie approaches you very respectfully. Her energy is powerful and soothing simultaneously. My first observation was the intense heat from her hands. I felt energy moving through my body. She puts great energy into the process, and in the end I felt relaxed and pain free. I highly recommend Carrie’s Reiki and Restorative class. “ Ann Z. Longs, South Carolina, USA

“I wanted to thank you again for your yoga session. You are really good at what you do! I felt really peaceful and calm afterward and slept really well. I will have to look more into Reiki and look forward to enjoying it again. Thank you so much for the experience, and see you when you are back in town or when I can take part in one of your retreats.”  Nicole W. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

“Carrie is a powerful healer. She truly listened to my needs. Before and after the session, she guided me through with much understanding. I have gone back again and again, always knowing I was in very capable hands. I am feeling much better for it. I strongly recommend her."  Sara T. Rimouski, Quebec, Canada

“As someone who has known Carrie for many years, I can attest to her many talents as a coach, health counselor and educator. Her constant quest for personal growth and development has led her to receive training from renowned institutions and experts from around the world. This in turn has helped Carrie become a nurturing and empathetic coach who can effectively support others in their own journeys to becoming physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthier people.

Carrie’s combination of insight and intelligence along with her skills in the art of healing through yoga, nutrition and reiki will help to provide a transformative experience to those who attend her retreats and coaching sessions. Her interest in travel and her desire to learn from other cultures have provided her with the experience and insider knowledge to host healing retreats in a variety of international settings.

Having escaped the rat race to follow her passion, Carrie is proof that you can live your dream life. Attending one of her workshops should be the first step for anyone who is interested in living a more fulfilling, balanced and meaningful life.”  Ai H. New York City, New York, USA


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